Description of the Bridging Programme

Bridging is a 7 weeks online program – each week you will get a new highly effective exercise, combined with visualizations, affirmations and energetic movements. The program is developed and tested throughout many years by Grethe Fremming and her late husband Rolf Hausboel. You will be able to watch the exercise either from a video or you can download the procedure.

From the very first exercise you will change your identity to become the Observer of your own life and replace your frustrations and wishes with clear decisions from your heart and head. Then you will be able as your true Self to:

stand forth – stand firm and manifest your visions

By doing one of the energetic exercises on a daily basis throughout each of the 7 weeks you will experience a growing strength and the ability to focus and concentrate your new power to actually do the essentials and make the necessary changes. Remember your life is the reflection of your consciousness!

Your are also invited to participate in two on-line webinars with the founder of Bridging Grethe Fremming where you will have more background information, have your questions answered and have the possibility to share your experiences with the exercises. We will inform you about dates and time for you to enroll.

From now on you will be able to use any problem as a stepping board and adjust to circumstances in life, still holding on to your unfolding purpose.

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