Cross the Bridge to your new life

Doing one of the energetic exercises a day you will build up strength, confidence and vitality. You will see what you would like to change or initiate in your life … and actually do it!

What is the Bridging?

Bridging is a 7 weeks online program – each week you will get a new highly effective exercise, combined with visualizations, affirmations and energetic movements. The program is developed and tested throughout many years.
Bridging is an invitation to lift yourself out of the struggle between your Inner Self and your outer self. We have all developed patterns and habits to cope with different circumstances and situations. These patterns prevent us to-day from taking Inner Leadership.

Cross the Bridge to your heart, become your true Self – this is the way to ….

Free Exercise

You are welcome to download and try out a very powerful exercise for free.

Permanent healing happens only w hen a change of consciousness takes place!

About Grethe Fremming

In the early 1980’s my late husband Rolf Havsboel and I began combining our knowledge and experience in specialized kinesiology developed by John Thie DC, Sheldon Deal DC, Wayne Topping PhD, and John Barton, with the principles of esoteric psychology and the science of the subtle energies.

The beginning Transformational-Kinesiology (TK) workshops led…

Bridging – create your new life.
Your life reflects your consciousness

Bridging is Brain-Yoga

…with the Heart
It is easy, effective and takes no more than 6 minutes a day

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